Our Funding Sources

St. John’s Lutheran Home for Children

In 1864, St. John’s Lutheran church decided to embark on opening an Orphan Home to support children who lost their fathers in the Union Army during the Civil War. St. John’s Home cared for thousands of children throughout its existence as a residential home, but in 1960, closed its door to residential living quarters. Instead, after selling its homes and property, St. John’s focused the profits from its invested funds to continue to touch the lives of children in Western New York. To this day, St. John’s has been a major support financially to Lake Chautauqua Lutheran Center and has been the driving force of financial background for the Lutheran Youth Organization’s Director of Youth Programming position.

St. John’s Lutheran Home for Children Board continues to meet monthly and welcomes representation from each ELCA congregation in WNY.

The Lutheran Foundation of WNY

“The primary purpose of the corporation shall be enabling outreach programs by Lutheran congregations to better serve their communities, establishing a loan fund for capital improvements to Lutheran congregations, monitoring investments to maximize their growth and their interest/dividend returns, generating new financial resources for Lutheran ministries and publicizing Lutheran ministries in Western New York”.

The Lutheran Congregations in WNY

(Please look in a mirror before continuing to read this paragraph) The person you saw in the mirror is one third of the important make-up of Lutheran Charities. Your giving…your sharing…your financial gifts are the resources that our agencies have to continue to do wonderful things in western New York! thank you for your generosity!